About me

Hi, I'm Patrick. I am a QA Engineer for a great software company. I consider myself one of luckiest dudes on earth to work where I work and do what I do. Yet, I've hit a ceiling. Therefore, it's time I level up.

I've made this choice before and become sidetracked, distracted and discouraged. Not this time. With my generous mentor Rob helping me along, a willingness to accept the ascetic descent into a life of back breaking, continuous sitting, and just enough ego to not want to drop the ball publically, I'm going to relentlessly make my way into the full stack. God speed.


  1. Validating Data Uploaded To Amazon S3 In Node.js

    DECEMBER 18th, 2017

    Validate that data uploaded to Amazon S3 matches the data on your local machine.


  2. Destructured Assignment In Node.js

    OCTOBER 31, 2017

    Grab values out of objects and assign them to variables in one fell swoop.


  3. Keep Your Secrets With Environment Variables In Node.js

    OCTOBER 05, 2017

    When automating frontend tests keep your username and password secret with environment variables.


  4. The CSS Box Model And Box Sizing

    SEPTEMBER 10th, 2017

    Changing the default behavior of the CSS Box Model can make sizing your elements much more straight forward. Here I'll discuss how and why you might want to do that.


  5. Bias And Bugs

    SEPTEMBER 8th, 2017

    I learn a lesson about believing I'm any good at this programming stuff.


  6. Changing HTML With Media Queries

    AUGUST 9th, 2017

    Here I learn that making concepts explicit is fairly essential to understanding them. Doing so may save you from staring into space for long periods of time. Also, I figure out how to change some HTML tags using media queries.


  7. First Things First, Build This Blog

    AUGUST 3rd, 2017

    Before I can venture into the wilderness of web development I need a blog to track what I learn and to share all my pain. Here are some of the things I learned while building this blog.